Clark Taylor

Chief Systems Manager


Pursuing the dual graduates of a PhD in computer science, Clark Taylor is a rising scholar on the intricate intersection of technology and legal policy. He earned a BS of computer science with honors at California State University, Chico and a JD from the University of Arizona in 2016; he continues to pursue the PhD at the University of Arizona. There, he served as the Founding Editor in Chief of the University of Arizona Law Journal of Emerging Technology and President of the Arizona Intellectual Property and Cyberlaw Society and conducts computer science research on topics including computer security, education in computer science, distributed databases, and computer science law/policy as a graduate research associate. However, Clark has a large variety of active academic interests, ranging from robotics to water and natural resource law to international relations; he conducted research on water law and policy alongside Robert Glennon as the Sol Resnick Fellow and in his capacity as graduate research assistant. His other areas of expertise include sensor networks, intellectual property, and privacy law as well as network, web, and algorithm programming in numerous paradigms and languages


Professionally, Clark has worked at Lawrence Livermore National Lab during the summers from 2012 through the present, initially working on web applications in 2012 and later working on legal policy regarding cyber vulnerabilities in 2013-2016. Outside of the lab, Clark has been employed as a legal researcher, built and managed web site for various clients, and was a lifeguard and pool manager for the City of Sacramento.


In addition to academic and professional work, Clark enjoys travel and has thus far visited every continent except for Antarctica. He also enjoys nature, commonly swimming, hiking, and camping in the deserts of Arizona and the forests and grasslands of Northern California. Clark’s more artistic hobbies include metalwork, graphic design, audio recording/engineering, and playing bass guitar, but he can also be found working on various engineering projects such as automotive work or metal fabrication in his spare time.